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Video Camera for a Shoot
Videography Services
  • Deposition Video recording
    • On-site videographers
    • Remote appearances
  • Video-Text Synchronization
  • Settlement Video presentations
  • Site inspections
  • Video clip editing for designated courtroom playback

Courtroom Technology
  • Experienced "Hot Seat" technicians
    • OnCue
    • TrialDirector
    • PowerPoint
  • Courtroom Equipment Rental
  • Opening/Closing Presentation Graphics
  • Remote "Document Tech" Presentation Services
Top View of Office Desk
  • Meeting Room Services
    • Remote Conference Hosting
    • Deposition Hosting
  • Courtroom Equipment Rentals
    • Document Camera (Elmo)
    • Monitors
    • Projectors
    • Switching and Cabling
  • War Room Setup and Support
    • Network, Printers, etc.
Catalog of Services

VDI has been the industry's leader for deposition videography since 2005, but we also provide the following services:

  • Legal Videography
    • Professional Deposition recording
    • In person and remote recording
      • (Zoom, MSTeams, etc.)
    • Site inspection videos
    • Independent Medical Exams

  • Meeting Room Services
    • Deposition hosting
    • Remote teleconferencing
    • War room hosting
  • Video Production Services
    • Video-to-Text (DVT) synchronization
      • for TrialDirector, Sanction, OnCue, etc.)
    • Deposition clip editing for trial playback
    • Day-in-the-life videos
    • Settlement presentations

  • Courtroom Technology
    • Experienced "Hot Seat" technicians
    • Courtroom Equipment rental
      • Document camera (Elmo)
      • Monitors, Projectors, Audio
      • Video input switching and cabling
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